Baxter State Park - a wilderness area of 202,064 acres, was a gift to the State of Maine by former Gov. Percival P. Baxter. In 1930 he made his first land purchase of 5,960 acres which included Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine. This land was given to the State in 1931. By resolve of the Maine Legislature in 1933, the area was officially designated as Baxter State Park and the summit of Katahdin was named "Baxter Peak" in his honor. His final gift of 7,764 acres was made in 1962.

There are 46 mountain peaks and ridges, 18 of which exceed an elevation of 3,000 feet, the highest being Baxter Peak at 5,267 feet. The park is intersected by about 175 miles of trails.

Baxter State Park is a paradise for the naturalist, mountain climber, hiker, and photographer. There are many orchids, ferns, alpine and other plants grow in abundance. Geologists will find interest in Baxter's rhyolite, Katahdin granite and many fossil types. Bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts and winter trackers will find a variety of wildlife to pursue.